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Our Why, What, and How

Here at the Saturday Works project, we want to change the world - one parish, one community, one act of mercy at a time. We want Catholic parishes to transform and to be transformed by their communities, by being instruments of God's Mercy. We want to see Catholic parishes leading people into encounters and relationships with Jesus Christ.

We provide talent, time, and resources to help Catholic parishes be intentional about encouraging people to:

1. serve their neighbors in need in their communities, and invite others to serve with them, and

2. engage in spiritual reflection about their service, both individually and in small groups.

We are adapting principles and techniques from service learning programs in higher education for use in the parish to further its mission. Our actions are guided by what we call a "Spirituality of Mercy": The parish focuses on the needy in its immediate community, and invites people to serve. In that service, when done out of love, people encounter Jesus in their neighbors and in being an instrument of Mercy. In small groups, people learn from each other about the depth of God's Mercy.

We work with each parish to develop:

1. relationships with local community partners and ways for people to serve them, and

2. small groups of parishioners and non-parishioners to provide safe environments to develop spiritually.

We help implement processes, tools, and programs to support these activities. 

A pilot program is being implemented at Mary, Queen of the Apostles parish, in Salem, Massachusetts (

Who we are

Peter Gordon -  founder of "the Saturday Works project"

Peter is a parishioner at Mary, Queen of the Apostles parish (MQOA) in Salem, Massachusetts. He has volunteered in many roles in the parish. His full-time job is as a practicing patent attorney. Inspired by experience with the University of Notre Dame's Family Volunteer Camp, and a perceived need at the MQOA parish, he started developing the ideas that became "the Saturday Works project". By participating in the OSV Challenge 2022, these ideas were developed further. The Saturday Works project is working with MQOA to implement a pilot program.

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