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Saturday Works' Platforms

Saturday Works uses two online platforms to support parishes and its mission: GivePulse and MightyNetworks.

About GivePulse

We are using the GivePulse platform because it enables Saturday Works to easily affliiate with community partners and parishes, manage events, and manage reporting for volunteers and parishes. It enables users and organizations to track and report their impacts. It is used by many universities to manage service learning and many large non-profits to manage volunteers. It also supports integrations with other platforms. We expect to integrate GivePulse and MightyNetworks to connect the volunteering management platform with our small group platform.

GivePulse's privacy policy can be found here.

A quick guide to address most volunteers' questions about setup can be found here.

A specific article on the kinds of emails GivePulse generates and how to opt out of emails is found here.

The landing page for GivePulse's support for volunteers is found here.

If you "join" either the Saturday Works group or the Mary, Queen of the Apostles (MQOA) parish's group on GivePulse, or register for an event for those groups, the information you provide is accessible to the administrator of the Saturday Works and MQOA GivePulse groups (currently Peter Gordon). 

About MightyNetworks

We are using the MightyNetworks platform because it enables Saturday Works to easily create private small groups focused on topics, which is ideal for supporting management of small groups for a parish. It also enables Saturday Works to offer content and groups across parishes and across a large number of topic areas. Our use of the platform is currently under development.

How to Setup Access to Saturday Works' Platforms.

Below is a link to a PDF that includes details instructions for accessing, signing up, and joining Saturday Works’ communities on GivePulse and Mighty Networks

Instructions to access Saturday Works’ GivePulse and Mighty Networks communities

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