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Men Volunteering

Programs and Services

A Volunteer Platform

We will set up the parish with an online volunteer platform (currently GivePulse). The platform can be used to manage parish ministries, connect the parish to Saturday Works and other Community Partners to share information about volunteering opportunities, and report on individual and group impacts.

Parish Events - Celebrate Christian Service!

We help coordinate a "Family Volunteer Weekend" or day, with multiple sites for volunteering, followed by Mass and dinner. Modeled after the University of Notre Dame's Family Volunteer Camp.

A Small Group Platform

We set up the parish with an online small group platform (currently using MightyNetworks). The platform can be used to organize small private groups around specific topics, events, or other content. Individuals can access content streams within the platform which are personalized to their interests, without ads.

Developing Disciples

We provide content, such as the weekly blog posts, to inspire, invite, or instruct. This content can be delivered to the parish or parishioners through emails, texts, MightyNetwork, or GivePulse.

Educational Material

Learn from our curated library of videos, books, podcasts, and slideshows. Coming soon!

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